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Estimats fills, amb una gran joia avui també desitjo invitar-vos novament: pregueu, pregueu, pregueu. Que aquest temps sigui per a vosaltres un temps de pregària personal. Durant el dia busqueu un lloc de recolliment per poder pregar amb joia. Us estimo i us beneeixo tots. Gràcies per haver respost a la meva crida.

2 agost de 2010 (Other)


Quote of the day from Our Lady of Medjugorje ( 23 octubre de 2020 )
I desire to share my joy with you. In my Immaculate Heart I feel that there are many of those who have drawn closer to me and are, in a special way, carrying the victory of my Immaculate Heart in their hearts by praying and converting. I desire to thank you and to inspire you to work even more for God and His kingdom with love and the power of the Holy Spirit.”


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