Face to Face: Magnus MacFarlane Brown, founder of Mary's Meals

Date: March 7, 2011
Category: Charitable projects

STANDING tall and broad, occasionally kilted and with the rosiness of cheek sported by those who thrive outdoors, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow wouldn’t look out of place on the front of a packet of porridge oats, swinging a caber.

It would be a fitting image for the man whose charity, Mary’s Meals, now feeds half a million children around the world with one basic, nutritious meal every day. However self-promotion is not his thing.

Over the years, as the charity’s work has attracted international recognition, it has nudged Mr MacFarlane-Barrow, 43, reluctantly into the limelight. While his natural reaction is to stay in the background, he recognises his involvement and the charity’s homespun appeal – he still operates from a rather flimsy looking shed on the edge of Dalmally in Argyll – are part of the attraction.

As rain lashes the window-panes, it feels more akin to the monsoon-ravaged corners of the world where Mary’s Meals operates. The charity now provides schooling and a daily meal to children in 16 countries including Malawi, Liberia and Haiti.

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