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Novembru 12, 2007 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Interviews / Author: Fra Kresimir Sego

Alois Epner (76) is a retired teacher from Upper Austria. He was born in Croatia, but in 1944, the Epner family had to flee the country to escape from the communists. Although he never forgot his childhood in his native Croatia, he found a new home in Upper Austria. He visited Medjugorje for the first time in 1984, and since then he returns on a regular basis. When he speaks about his experiences, his eyes fill with tears.

Novembru 18, 2007 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Festival Mladifest / Author: Klošar
Novembru 18, 2007 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Testimonies / Author: Fra Kresimir Sego

In September 2007, Jorge de Jesús Loria Padilla, founder and leader of the Peace center in Toluca in Mexico, came to Medjugorje. He is organizing pilgrimages to Medjugorje and editing Fr. Slavko Barbaric’s books in Spanish for Mexico.

This is his testimony:

Novembru 18, 2007 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Testimonies

Silvia Janine Rusneac from Romania has the master’s degree in the Roman Catholic and the Greek Catholic Theology. Since 1994, she is organising pilgrimages to Medjugorje. This is her testimony:

Novembru 12, 2007 , Last update Novembru 20, 2007 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: N/A

Approximately 3 years before the Bosnian war, I dreamt that I went overseas with some friends from work. We were traveling around together but I felt a negative force chasing us to kill us. As we traveled around, there were so much death and destruction, people dying of hunger, others with limbs missing and children left orphaned.

It was as though we were traveling around this map with death and destruction. There were tanks bombing buildings, people being shot or stabbed.

Novembru 24, 2007 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Interviews
In this video clip, the late Fr. Slavko shares some of his thoughts on Medjugorje.
Novembru 24, 2007 , Originally published Novembru 1, 2001 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Testimonies

Our dear friend Roberto, who has for many years been bringing pilgrims to Medjugorje from Mexico, shared this beautiful testimony with us recently. It is from Carmen, who lives near the city Valle Tamaulipas. She went with his group to Medjugorje for the Anniversary last summer. She shares:


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