Medjugorje Map + Maps of Surrounding

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Southern Europe, Dubrovnik, Split

Date: August 25, 2006

Medjugorje is not located in Yugoslavia nor Croatia, such even today some people still think. Instead it is located in southern part of Bosnia Herzegovina, which used to be a former republic of Yugoslavia. Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in Southern Europe and it's capital city is Sarajevo. Bosnia and Herzegovina is surrounded by Croatia and Serbia. Medjugorje is located between the city of Mostar and coastside of Adriatic sea (part across the Peljesac Peninsula). It's in relative close location to Croatian coastal cities of Dubrovnik and Split.

Medjugorje Map 1 - terrain map of Medjugorje as located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Southern Europe

Medjugorje Map 2 - road map of Medjugorje, Mostar, Sarajevo, Split, Dubrovnik (south part of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Medjugorje Map 3 - satellite imagery with St. James Church, Apparition Hill and Krizevac hill marked

Medjugorje Maps pictures - click to enlarge:

Medjugorje Maps pictures



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