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Added September 18, 2010 /  Category: Documentary, Wide screen / Author: Jeff Pettit

On September 8th, the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jeff Pettit released his second video on Medjugorje, called “The Miracle of Medjugorje.” The video, which is 50 minutes long, can be viewed for free in five 10-minute segments.

Added February 25, 2010 , Last update August 21, 2010 /  Category: Italian only, Documentary, Wide screen

Alta risoluzione della trasmissione insieme a Paolo Brosio, momenti, testimonianze ed emozioni del pellegrinaggio a Medjugorje, nello Speciale di Rete 4 trasmesso la notte di Martedì 29.12.2009.

Added August 18, 2010 , Last update August 19, 2010 /  Category: Documentary, Visionaries, Wide screen

Updated: Now watch full Allan Little's film, which was played on Newsnight on Wednesday 18 August 2010 at 10.30pm on BBC Two

Added August 7, 2010 /  Category: Documentary

Vídeo comemorativo para os 20 anos da Virgem Maria em Medjugorje

Added August 1, 2010 /  Category: Documentary, Italian only

Canale Italia trasmissione su Medjugorje del 31 luglio

Added July 31, 2010 /  Category: Documentary, Italian only

Format televisivo su Telepace. con Don Davide Banzato, Silvia Piasentini, Chiara Amirante, Fabio Salvatore in studio (estratto)

Added July 24, 2010 /  Category: Documentary, Italian only

Prima e Seconda Parte - della puntata del 30 Marzo 2010 su RAI 2

Added July 17, 2010 /  Category: Documentary, Italian only, Wide screen

Trasmissione Top Secret su Rete 4, 30 giugno - prima parte e seconda parte con le testimomianze da Medjugorje - Ilaria ( Uscita dall'anoressia), Diana (Uscita dalla droga), Betty e figlio Joshua, Raffaella, Paulo Brosio.

Added May 29, 2010 /  Category: Documentary, Italian only
Added May 8, 2010 /  Category: Documentary, Italian only

Italia sul Due, talk pomeridiano di Rai 2, dedica un'intera puntata a Medjugorje con interviste a Paolo Brosio. In Studio anche Chiara Amirante, fondatrice della comunità Nuovi Orizzonti.

Added March 13, 2010 /  Category: Italian only, Documentary, Wide screen
Added January 4, 2009 /  Category: Marian Apparitions, Documentary
Added November 15, 2008 /  Category: Marian Apparitions, Documentary

In the first part, this video is a short played adaptation, with brief informations about Medjugorje apparitions, how Our Lady appears and content of messages and their meanings.

Added December 15, 2007 /  Category: Documentary / Author: Jeff Pettit

What has Our Lady been saying for the past 25 years in Medjugorje Herzegovina? Have you discovered God's Love? Learn to surrender to God's Love.

Added December 1, 2007 /  Category: Documentary, Marian Apparitions
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