Video [ENG] MEDJUGORJE "Tell The World Not To Wait"

Date: February 26, 2012
Category: Documentary

EARLY MEDJUGORJE DOCUMENTARY 1991 "Tell The World Not To Wait, 10th Anniversary - A documentary about Medjugorje, made in 1991, immediately before civil war broke in the former Yugoslavia. The documentary is introduced by the late Fr. Richard Foley, SJ.

Early documentary about Medjugorje, from 1988. When the area was still under communist rule.

Includes interviews with the visionaries, pilgrims, priests. Stories of miracle healings. Crowded St. James church, full of pilgrims.

Father Richard Foley, S.J., was born into eternal life on 1/6/03. He was a Jesuit based in London, England, and was well known in the USA for his sermons, conferences and frequent appearances on EWTN. He was the author of three other popular books; The drama of Medjugorje, Mary and the Eucharist and God 2000.

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