Video [ITA, ENG] Vicka in Ireland on RTE One

Vicka in Irlanda

Date: February 20, 2011
Category: Visionaries , Wide screen

The Late Late Show shown on Irish television with Vicka Ivankovic as a guest of host Ryan Tudbridy. Translator Manuela Spinelli.

Video not available in wap version.

Trasnscript of interview with Vicka on Late Late Show

T: Why does Our Lady appear to you and your friends?

V: I asked Our Lady once, “Why did You choose us?” And She answered that it wasn’t Her will. She didn’t choose us. It was God who chose us.

T: Can I ask you about the secrets? You’ve been told ten secrets. Is that correct?

V: I have nine secrets. The only secret I can talk about is the third – one which has already been revealed, and it is the fact that Our Lady will leave a tangible, visible sign on Podbrdo, on the hill. The sign will remain, and it will stay forever, and it will be a sign that Our Lady was with us. And it’s particularly for those who are still far away from God.

T: Do we know when this will happen? Is there a time frame?

V: No, I don’t even know myself. I’m waiting for Our Lady to let me know.

T: Have you been given what are described as graces, some might call a burden? Is this the case?

V: God gives us different graces, and it’s up to us to accept those graces. And suffering, in my case, is a great gift that I was given by Our Lady. I know we may think, “How can you think of it as a gift?” And She told us this is a great, great gift. But before we are able to accept this burden, we have to disassociate from it and wonder, “Why do you want me to have it?” But we should simply say, “Thanks” to God for giving us this gift. And we all have something to give. And all we should ask of God is the strength to continue to go on. And Our Lady has already told us that illness has a lot of value in the eyes of God.

T: Has Our Lady shown you Heaven, Vicka?

V: One day, Jakov and I were at his house, and Our Lady came and told us we would go with Her to Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell, And Jakov said, “Our Lady, bring Vicka because there are eight brothers and sisters, and you can bring her, and I’ll stay behind.” I was thinking how long it takes – how many hours it’s going to take – are we going up or down. And Our Lady took me on Her right arm and Jakov on Her left arm, and She took us with Her, and the roof of the house opened to let us go through, and within one second we were in Heaven. We saw a large space and light that doesn’t exist on earth, and people were all the same; there were no thin people, overweight people. They were all the same, and they were all dressed in three colors – gray, yellow, and red. They were all running about praying, singing, and there were little angels flying in the sky. And Our Lady told us, “Look how happy these people are in Paradise.” It was an undescribable joy that doesn’t exist on earth.

T: Can I be rude and interrupt again, because I just want to put the case for people who don’t believe. There will be people watching who will say, “It’s not possible.”

V: Look, I haven’t come here to force people to believe. I’ve come here to tell you of my experience, and then it’s up to you. I’m here to witness to what I have lived, and then it’s up to you to believe it or not. Our Lady always says, “God gives us freedom, complete freedom – we’re all free. So if you want to believe, Our Lady will say, “Here I am,” and if you don’t want to believe, then She waits.



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