Paddy Kelly - John Paul Mary (ex. Kelly Family)

1 agosto 2009 /  Categoria: Paddy Kelly, Musica con le immagini, Testo della canzone inclusa, Wide screen

By your last song, you want to tell tell the world - „People, pray.“ Is it so?

Paddy Kelly (John Paul Mary): I have written the song „Pray, pray, pray“ after my visit to Medjugorje, inspired by Medjugorje. I think, ...

14 marzo 2009 /  Categoria: Paddy Kelly, Festival Mladifest
7 settembre 2008 /  Categoria: Paddy Kelly, Testo della canzone inclusa

We had an opportunity to hear a testimony and a song of John Paul Mary (ex. Paddy Kelly) in Medjugorje. The Kelly Family music group, namely in nineties, had spread with some of their songs and videos seeds of love, sentiment, sweetness, tenderness and (therefore) also spirituality to many, especially young girls and women. Their typical music style, videos and also appearance was something quite special to see in comparison with another pop-production. Here is a selection of old Kelly Family videos from YouTube, which has beautiful and spiritual content.

30 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Paddy Kelly, Testo della canzone inclusa / Autore: Zimra
30 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Paddy Kelly, Testimonianze, Festival Mladifest

Brother John Paul Mary (Paddy Kelly) member of the famous Irish music group The Kelly Family was on Monday, August 4 in Medjugorje for the first time on the Mladifest (Festival of Youth in Medjugorje) since its entering the monastery of the community of the Saint John in France as a monk. He was standing there before a large crowd telling about his life with God.

30 agosto 2008 /  Categoria: Paddy Kelly, Paddy Kelly, Testo della canzone inclusa


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