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Novembru 10, 2006 , Last update Ottubru 27, 2019 /  Section: Medjugorje - Category: Section Documents
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Novembru 10, 2006 /  Section: Medjugorje - Category: Section Documents
Novembru 10, 2006 /  Section: Medjugorje - Category: Section Documents
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From the beginning, the Medjugorje apparitions were accompanied by many unusual phenomena, both in the sky and on the ground, especially by miraculous healings. I myself, with about a thousand pilgrims, experienced one unusual dance of the sun. That manifestation was so unusual and obvious, that everyone without exception classified it as a miracle. None of those present remained indifferent, which I myself was convinced of by questioning the others who were present. The joy, the tears, and the statements of those present strongly confirmed it. From their words, it could be seen that they understood that manifestation as a confirmation of the authenticity of the apparitions, and as an incentive to respond to the Medjugorje messages by accepting them. And that is the real purpose of miracles: to help people believe and live by faith because they stand in the service of the faith and of the salvation of people.

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Scientific Research on the Medjugorje visionaries

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Medjugorje is not located in Yugoslavia nor Croatia, such even today some people still think. Instead it is located in southern part of Bosnia Herzegovina, which used to be a former republic of Yugoslavia. Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in Southern Europe and it's capital city is Sarajevo. Bosnia and Herzegovina is surrounded by Croatia and Serbia. Medjugorje is located between the city of Mostar and coastside of Adriatic sea (part across the Peljesac Peninsula). It's in relative close location to Croatian coastal cities of Dubrovnik and Split.

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In the early days of the apparitions, Our Lady, called "Gospa" in Croatian, started to entrust to the six visionaries ten secrets which contain information on future events. These ten Medjugorje secrets, which will affect the Church and the world. To date, three visionaries, Mirjana, Ivanka, and Jakov report they have received all ten Medjugorje secrets, while Ivan, Marija and Vicka say they have received nine secrets.

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Here we present sample ideas summarized to three examples that we can reach by statistical overview and full text search of Messages with some general considerations and analysis of Medjugorje messages. You can also use our Medjugorje Messages Keywords, Medjugorje Messages Toplist and Medjugorje Messages Concordance pages to verify or extend these ideas.

Since official Medjugorje website up to now did not approved messages given during 1981 - 1984, the analysis in these examples may slightly differ in numbers of messages refered in this text.

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April 9, 2005 , 19:13 /  Section: About Medjugorje WebSite - Category: Section Documents / Author: Marek Gayer

In this short article, we outline some of the possible features when using fulltext search for Medjugorje Messages in Medjugorje website.

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Every day on this website, a Quote of the day appears. All the quotes are taken from the Medjugorje messages. When extracting quotes from the messages, either beautiful, important or unique parts were selected. There are many such parts, so we have everyday many quotes to choose from. The quotes changes every day after the midnight (Central European Time, which corresponds with time in Medjugorje as well) on a random basis. The quotes are displayed in your preferred language, which you will choose on the introductory page of this Medjugorje website or in the top navigation bar. The preferred language should be remembered, whenever you return to Medjugorje website. To display the whole message, from which the quote has been taken, click on the date of the message below the quote.

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From its beginning in June 1981 up to now, Apparitions in Medjugorje has attracted attention of millions of people in the world. Medjugorje had become a place of important source of spiritual encouragement for many of them, including, but not limited to pilgrims that visited this place.

April 6, 2005 , 18:32 /  Section: About Medjugorje WebSite - Category: Section Documents

Beside of basic possibilities, that websites with Medjugorje Messages commonly offers, such as displaying latest messages, page with all messages suitable for printing and pages with annual messages and a separate page with available reflections, Medjugorje website offers following features:

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