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1 november 2009 , Originally published november, 2007 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Testimonies

Nicole Bettini, 29, of St. Peter in Forest Lake has become a consecrated virgin during a consecration rite Nov. 17, 2007 at St. Peter. She serves as the parish's director of youth and family apostolate and as coordinator of confirmation. Archbishop Harry Flynn was presiding at the Mass.

1 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Testimonies / Author: Lavinia Tai

When I was only nine years old, I used to go around telling everyone that I wanted to be a priest. At that time I wasn't even baptized yet (I was baptized at the age of eleven) but even then I had already fallen in love with Jesus. I used to go to the bookshop near my school to buy pictures of Jesus and I used to look at these pictures and talked to Jesus for ages. It never occurred to me then that there are no women Catholic Priests!

1 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Testimonies / Author: Lavinia Tai

... "My journey to this small distant village between two mountains will always remain as one of the most memorable events in my life. Truly Medjugoje has changed my views and perceptions about life. Because of Medjugorje, I live my life all over again. I cried the day I left Medjugorje knowing that I will miss this place all my life."

2 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje Budskapene - Category: Mirjana
"Kjære barn. Også i dag er jeg blant dere for å peke på den veien som vil hjelpe dere til å få kjenne Guds kjærlighet, den kjærligheten fra Gud som tillater at dere kaller Ham Far og kan oppfatte Ham som Far. Jeg ber dere om å se oppriktig inn i hjertene deres og se hvor mye dere elsker Ham. Er Han den siste til å bli elsket? Omgitt av materielle goder, hvor mange ganger har dere forrådt, fornektet og forglemt Ham? Mine barn, ikke narr dere selv med verdens goder. Tenk på sjelen deres for den er viktigere enn kroppen, så rens den. Påkall Faderen. Han venter på deg. Kom tilbake til Ham. Jeg er med dere fordi Han ,i sin barmhjertighet, sender meg. Takk alle sammen! "
6 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Medjugorje Apparitions / Author: Vittorio, Bologna

An apparition of Our Lady of Medjugorje for Mirjana, 2. November 2009

7 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Spirituality, Wide screen

Pope Benedict XVI has declared a “Year for Priests” beginning with the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on June 19, 2009. The year will conclude in Rome with an international gathering of priests with the Holy Father from June 9-11, 2010.

14 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Other

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14 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Visionaries, Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo

A talk (question and answer session) given by Mirjana in the Oasis of Peace on 3rd October 2009

Mirjana: We will start our meeting with one Hail Mary. Queen of Peace, Pray for us.

We have gathered so that you may ask whatever you may be interested in. Anything that can help you to understand Medjugorje, and if I know, I will be so glad to respond to you because I desire with my entire heart that you may understand what Our Lady desires from us. The first thing is, she invited you. She needs apostles. That’s why feel free to ask anything that can help you.

14 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Medjugorje News

Cardinal Vinko Puljic of Sarajevo recently said that the Vatican will officially comment on the supposed apparitions of the Virgin in Medjugorje.

21 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Music with pictures / Author: Gospa2000

Dr. Johannes Mikl, doctor, cardiologist from Austria, author of the song “Gospa, majka moja” that is very often sung in Medjugorje parish church, was recently in Medjugorje.

25 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje Budskapene - Category: Månedlige budskapene
"Kjære barn! I denne tiden med nåde kaller jeg dere til å fornye bønnen i familiene deres. Forbered dere selv med glede til Jesu komme. Mine barn, måtte hjertene deres være rene og mottagelige, slik at kjærlighet og varme kan strømme gjennom dere og ut til ethvert hjerte som er langt borte fra Hans kjærlighet. Små barn, vær mine utstrakte hender, hender med kjærlighet for alle dem som har gått seg vill, som ikke lenger har tro og håp. Takk for at dere har svart på mitt kall. "
28 november 2009 , Originally published 13 mai 2007 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Medjugorje and Vatican

We translated the following excerpt from the Italian original "90 years since the first apparition at Fatima, interview with Cardinal Bertone" to English, which was published in the most widespread Catholic weekly magazine in Italy, Famiglia Cristiana (number 19/2007).

28 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje News & Articles - Category: Medjugorje in the Catholic Church

ROME, NOV. 23, 2009 ( The president of the Bosnian episcopal conference has been in Rome, but not to discuss the controversy surrounding Medjugorje, as some reports have contended.

Instead, Cardinal Vinko Puljic participated last week in the plenary assembly of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, which focused on St. Paul and the "new areopagi."

The cardinal did talk to ZENIT about Medjugorje, affirming that the reports of apparitions there and the consequent popularity of the site for pilgrimages is a matter dealt with by the bishop of Mostar, Ratko Peric, and the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

"As an episcopal conference, we await suggestions and proposals on how to proceed, and I believe the Holy See wants to carry on in this way," he added.

28 november 2009 /  Section: Medjugorje Videos[EN] - Category: Music with pictures, Medjugorje Pilgrimages, Wide screen / Author: Gospa2000

Images of Gospa with music track by the Medjugorje Queen of Peace Choir.


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