Video [ENG] Miracles of Medjugorje

by Paranormal TV

This video contains some photos of events, that seemingly have supernatural character. Further, Timothy Klauck, former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, speaks about his opinion on miraculous or supernatural happenings in Medjugorje. He also speaks about an incident with aircraft bombers, that he saw near Medjugorje. He became convinced that Medjugorje during the Bosnian war in ninetees became relatively untouched, because of divine intervention.

The video also discusses healings in Medjugorje, in particular testimony of a former American pop-singer and dancer Lola Falana, who insists that Medjugorje saved her life (she wass ill with multiple sclerosis).

However this video claims, that "during the heaviest part of fighting, not one villager recruited into the Croatian army was killed on the front lines". This is not correct, as can be found in Echo of Mary Queen of Peace 105 (September 1993), page 5


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